World Veterans Federation (WVF) congratulates our Finnish colleagues with their many celebrations in 2018.

The federation now has 4 members organizations from Finland and they are; Disabled War Veterans Association of Finland, the Finnish War Veterans Federation, the Union of Front Veterans Soldiers (RMV) and the Peacekeepers Association.

The Peacekeepers Association Finland has taken the lead among our finnish members in the international cooperation and celebrates their 50 year anniversary in 2018. The association is a veteran and defense organization for Finnish peacekeepers, which has about 6 500 members in 32 member organizations.

The Association has been a member of the World Veterans Federation since 2009 and is the founder of the National Defense Training Association (MPC). They have been very active in WVF since they become a member of the WVF and today they have commited their Vice President, Mr. Tom Asplund as the WVF acting Secretary General.

Finland also celebrates its 100 years since the establishment of the Armed Forces and their involvement in peacekeeping operations since 1956.

The World Veterans Federation (WVF) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization. Established in Paris, France in 1950 by founding members from 8 countries, namely: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Turkey, USA and Yugoslavia, the WVF is now a Federation of 172 veteran organizations from 121 countries representing some 45 million veterans world wide.

The WVF maintains its consultative status with the United Nations since 1951 and was awarded the title of "Peace Messenger" in 1987.

The VVF vision is to be at the forefront of promoting and defending international peace and security, and being proactive to ensure health and wellbeing for all veterans and victims worldwide.

The task is to guide and consult their member organizations so that they can take the lead in supporting initiatives promoting peace and security and for promoting health and welfare initiatives that will improve the well being and independence of their members.

The motto is to encourage Member Associations to forcefully strive for international peace and security and to influence and promote a veteran's health and welfare culture in their communities.

Also, the basic values are to guide and inspire our members to be impartial, responsive, committed, responsible, cooperative, resourceful and acting with respect, dignity, compassion and integrity.

"We are very proud and humble to all Finnish veterans who have contributed in so many years to improve the conditions of all world veterans in the name of peace and veterans wellfare. We congratulate and thank you all for your dedication and look forward to many good years to come under our umbrella. "says WVF President Dan-Viggo Bergtun.


Best regards,

Mr. Dan Viggo Bergtun
President WVF